About Us

Million Top Paper Industries Co Ltd is an independent manufacturer of corrugated packaging and packaging supply. Headquarter located in Hong Kong and we have three manufacturing sites located in Shenzhen, Huizhou and Shaoguan China supplying local box converting plants and overseas packing material companies and retailers.

We produce all sorts of corrugated packaging and print packaging products like pizza box, food packaging, fruit packaging, fish packaging and a wide range of packaging supply products for industrial use purpose etc. And also experience in exporting, we had shipped over 700 containers of corrugated packaging products from Yantin port China to the world including United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada the world well known countries.

Million Top Paper for Packaging Solutions That Are Second to None

Nothing compares to the quality of packing material and packaging solutions offered by Top Million Paper. We are aware that one of the key concerns that you may face is the fact that your customers are more likely to respond negatively to the reduced corrugated packaging.

The ultimate solution is to give what your customers want: efficiency and simplicity. In reality, packaging supply is among the most important parts of your product. So, for your products to sell, story regarding the new product should be told. In the retail atmosphere, print packaging or the custom box primarily tells that kind of story. This is where our packaging solutions will come into the big picture. Whatever your products need, may it be certain box, fruit packaging, fish packaging or food packaging, we will allow for the right information to be presented to your targeted buyers.

Make Savings On Your Packaging Costs Without The Hassle

We are referred to the whole process, and we will handle your step-by-step design with cover-to-sheet beautiful designs!

In-House Corrugated Cardboard To Keep Prices Competitive

Although our product is based on high quality, the price is low because we have found a way to produce raw materials by ourselves.

Worldwide Shipping. No Matter Your Location

No matter where you are on this beautiful planet, you don't have to worry. We'll find the fastest way to get our product to your place!

Tailored Corrugated Cardboard Product To Suit Any Specification

We have a developed conceptual solution for your every need. Share with us the necessary information and get exactly what you are looking for.

Our Vision:

We are doing the best to provide quickest and easiest way for our clients to place their order at lowest cost in order to increase their profile and to be more competitive in the market. Since we are one of the member of the world, maximize productivity and minimize waste not only lower our cost, but the most important concern is energy saving, reduce green house gases, stop global warming.