Agricultural Boxes

As for maintaining the highest level of both freshness and visual appeal, fresh fruits and vegetables indeed required special corrugated packaging protection. That’s why here at Million Top Paper Int Ltd. We put importance on understanding the fruit packaging needs of every grower and every crop. There will be an assurance of the following:

Easy setup
One-piece containers for facilitating the field packaging needs
Special ventilated print packaging designs for protection of freshness as well as preservation of in-store sales appeal
Enhanced moisture packing material protection as well as added package durability
We have this commitment of rendering comprehensive agricultural fruit packaging pro ducts. We are also aware about the demand for cost-effective, creative and innovative packaging supply along with fast delivery. We will make sure to offer wide options of our corrugated packaging products to the agricultural industry and many are stock items like fish packaging, food packaging for all over the world. It is a fact that packaging is an important part to produce growers in the agricultural industry. Through print packaging, it would help the growers in transferring the products safely right from the field to the retail environment. And if packaging offers quality the products will also be kept as fresh ones since safety of the food is also a concern both to growers and consumers. Along with that, we also offer custom printed labels having barcodes letting the retailers to track the products back into the original growers.Million Top Paper could definitely partner with you in order to come up with highest performance through shipping containers used in transporting industrial or agricultural products packaging supply.