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Our Gift Box Manufacturer Philosophy

Million Top makes beautiful products as a gift box supplier for various types of items. Our custom gift box manufacturer’ primary clients are mid-market and chain retail stores that are from us.

Whether it is custom gift boxes wholesale or manufacturing, we can provide them at competitive prices. You will interact with our representatives who speak fluent English and grasp your requirements correctly and quickly. Our long industry tenure has allowed us a good understanding of the general needs and expectations of clients. We're also proactive in making suggestions and helping you make the right decisions. So, discuss your requirements with us today, and we do operate with a few philosophies as below:

High-Quality Gift Boxes

We manufacture export-quality gift boxes, sourcing raw materials from established vendors who've remained our long-term partners since our inception as a gift box wholesaler and manufacturer 40 years ago. High-quality gift boxes from our gift box manufacturer can stand the rigors of transportation. They hold the gift items they're intended for securely, retaining their shape and strength. In most cases, the products from our gift box supplier are reusable for your gift recipients in whatever way they wish.

Creativity Runs in Our Veins

To say Million Top is in the custom gift boxes wholesale business is accurate but insufficient. We're also a custom gift box manufacturer with a knack for creating visually pleasing gift boxes, along with the manufacturing capability to mass produce eye-catching gift bags bearing your brand name, illustrations, and messages. Our materials offer a friendly printing surface, accepting all colors and intricate motifs. You can have the gift box wholesale design you want and align with your brand aesthetics.

Something for Every Gift

Packaging from our gift box wholesaler and manufacturer is very versatile. We as a gift box manufacturer have the flexibility to create a gift box in a design that perfectly suits the particular occasion. In our products, we believe that any gift box must have a practical design but also be visually pleasing, and a deep knowledge of the technical aspect of packaging is a prerequisite to manufacturing custom gift boxes wholesale. Our experience as a custom gift box manufacturer is an asset, enabling us to quickly provide you with a sample gift box before producing it in the required numbers just as efficiently.

Happy Customers

As a leading gift box manufacturer, we take pride in satisfying our customers' expectations consistently. We have a large number of returning customers, some of whom have stuck with us since our establishment. We also attract new players who come to us seeking a gift box supplier via referrals. With time, we have evolved our techniques to meet changing expectations and cater effectively to the desires of newer generations of customers. If you want a creative design that you saw on Instagram or got from an AI art creator, our gift box supplier can replicate it or draw from it and put it on your gift boxes wholesale.

Styles of Packaging

Our gift box supplier can provide you with different styles of packaging. At Million Top, you can select from different types of custom gift boxes wholesale. We offer folding cartons for packaging smaller products that may be fragile or heavy, solutions for eCommerce items, and other high-quality products for keeping fragile or heavier items safe.

Custom Gift Boxes

We're a trusted custom gift box manufacturer with a reputation for sturdy and durable products that can handle the wear and tear of shipping. Apart from custom prints, we manufacture gift boxes in custom sizes too. With us as your gift box supplier, you can simply choose a size that fits your product perfectly and get custom-printed designs on the exterior and interior surfaces.

Why Choose Us as Your Gift Box Supplier?

Even if you're a new business exploring options in gift box wholesale, you understand the importance of finding the right partner in custom gift boxes wholesale as a cost-effective option. Our products as a gift box supplier are popular due to their durability and versatility. In our four decades as a custom gift box manufacturer, we have produced millions of gift boxes for special occasions as well as corporate gift boxes. As we've already stated, your gift box wholesale products can be customized to fit specific dimensions for different gift items.

Furthermore, products from our gift box manufacturer are made from renewable raw materials, which makes them the most sustainable packaging material for environmentally-conscious consumers nowadays. By embracing eco-friendly packaging from our gift box supplier, you can contribute to a greener world while meeting the demands of environmentally conscious consumers.

Our Gift Box Manufacturer Procedures

What are the steps of purchasing from us in custom gift boxes wholesale? Our custom gift box manufacturer follows the tried and tested process below:

1.Finalise the Design: Determine the dimensions and design of your custom gift box. As an experienced custom gift box manufacturer, we can suggest a vast variety of designs considering factors, such as size, type, printing, and any special requirements.

2.Material Selection: We choose the grade and materials that best suit your needs as a gift box supplier, considering factors like strength, durability, and sustainability.

3.Printing & Customization: The logo, design, and message are printed on the material using digital printing. A lamination or coating is applied to the surface of the material to enhance its visual. A glossy or matte finish is added per requirements.

4.Die Cutting: Any special features like compartments or handles required for your product are die-cut and assembled separately by our gift box manufacturer before attaching them to the main box.

Our Custom Gift Boxes Wholesale Ordering Process

In addition to the basic process followed by our custom gift box manufacturer above, below is the process of ordering custom gift boxes wholesale at Million Top:

Existing or New Design

You can select one among the product designs we share with you. Or, when ordering a custom gift box wholesale, let us know the prints you want. These can be your logo and a message, or rich illustrations, which our modern printing machines can easily achieve. Our gift box wholesale design team notes your specifications and aligns perfectly with them.

Our custom gift box manufacturer has an in-house design team that offers recommendations on designs. We can collaborate on finding suitable prints, or you can leave it to your design experts to create the prints. We will commence our gift box wholesale production after we have received your approval.

Confirming the Sample

Our gift box manufacturer can provide a sample of the product before production begins. True to our reputation as a top gift box supplier, we ensure that every item we produce matches the quality of the sample. When you purchase a gift box wholesale from us, you're assured consistent quality in all respects.

Production Begins

Once you give us the green light, our gift box manufacturer starts preparing your order. With our proven production processes, we're able to have your product out in time to meet your deadline. Apart from the regular standard orders, we also accept urgent/rush orders. When we established ourselves as a custom gift box manufacturer over forty years ago, we went to great lengths to build sustainable processes. Our early efforts have allowed us to incorporate sustainability across all aspects of operation and meet the latest environmental regulations.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Custom Gift Box Manufacturers?

Million Top is a leading gift box manufacturer, with our headquarters in Hong Kong, and three production facilities in Mainland China, in Shenzhen, Huizhou, and Shaoguan. We keep our manufacturing in-house and follow a strict quality control process, performing a number of checks. Here are some of our major selling points as a gift box supplier:

  • Our quality control inspections are aimed at ensuring that your custom gift boxes are being made to the specifications determined in the order contract. Our custom gift box manufacturer does a random check of the product and in the rare event that we find an error, rectify it immediately. Companies in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries worldwide choose us as their gift box manufacturer because we accept third-party inspections. Another pair of qualified eyes perform a check of your gift box wholesale order.
  • Our gift box manufacturer performs regular material testing to ascertain the quality of the products and their components used in the production of every gift box wholesale order. This essential check allows us to produce sturdy and durable custom gift boxes, and supports our image as a leading gift box supplier.
  • We as a gift box supplier always perform a random quality check prior to delivery. A final check is customary for any custom gift box manufacturer, and is another layer of quality control to ensure adherence to specifications and standards.
  • Our gift box wholesale and manufacturing staff are empowered to report issues that get in the way of maintaining our high-quality standards. We resolve issues and make changes proactively to ensure that production or quality does not suffer. This apart, Million Top, like any reputable gift box supplier, audits its processes every year.
  • While we respect time-honored practices, our custom gift boxes wholesaler and manufacturer also leverages the latest technologies after a careful evaluation. We also keep a pulse on customer satisfaction and expectations in the markets we serve.
  • Our quality and prices add up to top value for our clients. Our gift box manufacturer will pass on savings and try to accommodate special requirements with sincerity and foresight.

More About Our Gift Box Wholesaler & Manufacturer - FAQs:

1. What are the advantages of using corrugated products from a gift box supplier?

They offer several advantages, including excellent protection for the contents, versatility in size and shape, eco-friendliness as they are recyclable, and customizable printing options for branding purposes. Further, they are also more cost-effective, so you can save more on buying custom gift boxes wholesale compared to other types of gift packaging.

2. Are products from your gift box wholesaler suitable for shipping?

As an experienced gift box manufacturer, we would like to assure you that our top-quality products are well-suited for shipping by different methods. Whether it is custom gift boxes wholesale or manufacturing, the strong, rigid structure of our products provide excellent protection for the gift items during transit. Additionally, they can be easily secured with other packaging materials for added security too.

3. Can products from your gift box supplier easily be stacked for storage?

We understand that customers may have limited storage, or would like high-quality products that make the best use of space available. Therefore, the products from our gift box manufacturer can be stacked for easy storage. Their flat, uniform shape allows them to be neatly stacked on top of each other, maximizing the use of storage space.

4. How much weight can products from your gift box manufacturer hold?

On average, our gift boxes can withstand between 40 lb/18 kg to 80 lb/36 kg for a single-wall packing box and up to 140 lb/64 kg for double-walled boxes. An Edge Crush Test (ECT) is a laboratory test where pressure is applied to these types of products to measure their crushing point. Our gift box manufacturer will display an ECT score to indicate how much the box can safely carry.

5. Is your gift box wholesaler and manufacturer able to supply matt and gloss gift boxes?

Yes, we provide matte and gloss options for most of our gift box wholesale products. We can supply both types of custom gift boxes wholesale with a quick turnaround time. You can communicate with our professional team on whether you are submitting a standard order, or a rushed order.
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