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Are you a pizzeria owner who is looking for packaging solutions to showcase your mouth watering pizzas? You have come to the right place. We are a custom pizza boxes manufacturer, supplier, and pizza box wholesale company, offering customized pizza boxes to restaurants and pizzerias of all sizes. Our exceptional packaging solutions are customizable with a variety of designs, shapes, and material options. If you are looking to elevate your brand and provide the utmost customer experience, we as a custom pizza boxes manufacturer can do exactly that.

When you pick us as your pizza box manufacturer, you get fully customizable pizza box solutions. From size to shape, we tailor make pizza boxes to meet your unique requirements. As a pizza box supplier, we are not limited to any one region. We offer custom pizza boxes to food businesses no matter where you are. Also, as a pizza box wholesale company, we can provide bulk purchasing options at affordable prices. Contact us today at +852 9311 1692 or +852 2793 2108 for more information on our custom pizza boxes wholesale and manufacturing services.

What We Can Do as A Custom Pizza Boxes Manufacturer

A good custom pizza box should be able to keep the pizza fresh and warm, and should be available in different sizes. Here's what we can do as a custom pizza boxes wholesaler and manufacturer:

Custom Pizza Boxes Made from High-Graded Materials

Pizzas should be served fresh and warm. If pizzas are not served warm, then the customers will look to your competitors. The food delivery sometimes takes much longer to get delivered, there is a chance that the pizza gets cold and soggy. To avoid this, our custom pizza boxes are made from high-grade materials like corrugated cardboard, which keeps your pizza warm and fresh for a long time. When purchasing a custom pizza box from our pizza box manufacturer, the boxes are made from high-grade materials.

As an experienced pizza box wholesaler and manufacturer, we make our custom pizza boxes with high-graded materials that have the capability to keep the pizza warm. In addition to this, our pizza box also keeps moisture away from it.

Custom Pizza Boxes Made from Eco-Friendly Materials

Non-eco-friendly materials used for making custom pizza boxes from some pizza box wholesalers can contaminate the pizza and ultimately harm the health of the consumer. Therefore, there should be no compromise on eco-friendly materials. When purchasing custom pizza boxes from our pizza box manufacturer, we give the utmost importance to the eco-friendly materials and the safety of consumers.

We as a trusted pizza box wholesaler, produce our custom pizza boxes using materials that keep the pizza fresh and hygienic. The boxes won't compromise the health of your customers.

Custom Pizza Boxes Available in A Variety of Sizes

Pizzas come in different sizes, from small to medium to large. While purchasing custom pizza boxes from a pizza box wholesaler or manufacturer, ensure that the boxes are available in different sizes. Apart from size, you should also consider the shape of the boxes. Pizza packaging typically comes in different shapes like square, rectangle, circular, and other shapes.

With us as your pizza box supplier, we have custom pizza boxes available in different sizes and shapes.

Custom Pizza Boxes That Are Easy to Print & Customize

Pizza boxes have a lot of space, which you can use to market your brand. You can print artwork, designs, logos, or any other marketing message that grabs the attention of your customers. When printing a marketing message, you should ensure that the graphics are visually appealing, easy to read, and should generate welcome feelings. While purchasing custom pizza boxes from our custom pizza boxes manufacturer company, we can help you print branding messages that are captivating.

In our pizza box manufacturer team, we have an expert graphic team that prints logos, designs, and other messages tailored to your specific needs.

Why Should You Partner with a Pizza Box Manufacturer Like Us?

Purchasing custom pizza boxes from a pizza box manufacturer like us offers several benefits for restaurants and pizzerias:

Branding & Marketing

Custom pizza boxes can be used by restaurants and pizzerias to showcase their brand message. We as a pizza box wholesaler and manufacturer can help you print logos, designs, artwork, and other messages tailored to your marketing strategy.

Professional Look

Pizza boxes that have a branding message give a professional look to your product. With us as your pizza box supplier, customers are more likely to come to you when your product has a professional look.

Improves Customer Experience

We as a custom pizza boxes manufacturer have the capability to design boxes with creativity. The creativity elevates the customer experience and your customers might return to your business again for some mouthwatering pizzas.

Makes Boxes Stand Out

We as a custom pizza boxes manufacturer can make unique and eye-catching designs. This can make your product stand out in the crowded marketplace. Our pizza box manufacturer team has graphic designers, who can make your box stand out in the market with their captivating designs.

Environmental Considerations

Our custom pizza boxes manufacturer keeps the environment in mind while producing the custom pizza boxes. As a pizza box manufacturer, we use environmentally friendly materials to create our boxes, which is beneficial for customers who prioritize environmentally friendly choices.

Tailored to Your Menu

We as a custom pizza boxes manufacturer produce different sizes of pizza boxes, ensuring that they fit your specific pizza offering.


As a pizza box supplier for many clients around the world, we can produce custom pizza boxes with enhanced functionalities, including a secure closure and heat retention to keep the pizza fresh and warm during delivery.

Enhanced Safety

We are a custom pizza boxes wholesaler and manufacturer that designs and produces pizza boxes keeping the latest food safety protocols in mind. This means, while delivery, your pizza remains fresh and hygienic.


Being a custom pizza boxes manufacturer, we have the capability to create pizza boxes tailored to specific occasions. Whether it is a company event or any other occasion, our pizza box manufacturer has that perfect fit for that specific occasion.

How Can Our Custom Pizza Boxes Wholesaler & Manufacturer Elevate Your Brand?

There are numerous benefits for businesses like eateries and restaurants buying custom pizza boxes from us as their pizza box wholesale company, which are:

1. We Help Save Cost

A pizza box wholesale company like ours offers bulk pricing. This means you can save money by purchasing large quantities of stock from us as your pizza box supplier. For restaurants, eateries, and pizzerias that have high pizza production volume, buying pizza boxes in bulk is beneficial.

2. We Offer Consistent Supply

A custom pizza boxes manufacturer and wholesaler has the capability to supply custom pizza boxes consistently and on demand. Businesses that require steady packaging materials to meet customer demand should consider sourcing their pizza boxes from us as their pizza box wholesale company.

3. Wide Range of Products

As a custom pizza boxes wholesale company, we offer a wide range of pizza boxes in different shapes and sizes. Businesses can pick any of them, at the quantity they need, according to their specific needs with us as their pizza box manufacturer.

4. Acceptance of Bulk Orders

Whether you are a small pizza business owner or a large business owner, a custom pizza boxes wholesale company like ours can handle both small and large orders. From a hundred boxes to a thousand boxes, our pizza box wholesale company can handle all kinds of orders.

5. Delivering Top Quality

Poor-quality pizza boxes can keep the pizza cold and soggy, and you don't want your customers to experience that. To avoid this, we as a pizza box supplier only produce boxes of exceptional quality. A reliable custom pizza boxes wholesale company like ours ensures that our boxes meet the latest food safety requirements. When the quality of the box is good, the contents inside the box will be in a healthy condition.

Partner with Our Pizza Box Wholesaler & Supplier

If you want to take your pizza packaging to the next level with the help of an excellent pizza box supplier, look no further than Million Top. We as a custom pizza boxes manufacturer will take your pizza brand to the next level with our stunning custom-designed pizza boxes because:

  • We are a one-stop custom pizza boxes wholesaler and manufacturer. You can order custom products from our pizza box manufacturer tailored to your needs. You can also order pre-made boxes through our pizza box wholesale service, and we will supply them to you. Plus, you can get your custom pizza boxes in large quantities at competitive prices.
  • Our team of graphic experts makes eye-catching designs. If you want your brand to stand out in the crowded marketplace, you need eye-catching brand messaging. Our experts can do exactly that. We create easy-to-read messages, visually appealing logos, and designs on pizza boxes that draw customers' attention to the brand.
  • The boxes from our pizza box manufacturer are sturdy and durable. Pizza boxes should be sturdy to protect the pizza from any damage. At Million Top, our boxes are created with sturdy materials, keeping your pizza warm, fresh, and safe.
  • We are a pizza box supplier that uses eco-friendly materials, because we care for our environment. Keeping this in mind for standard as well as custom pizza boxes wholesale, we always use recyclable materials to create our products, making them as eco-friendly as possible.

For more details on our pizza box wholesale and manufacturing services, you can reach us at +852 9311 1692 or +852 2793 2108. Pick up the phone today to discuss your ideas with our pizza box supplier team, and we will turn them into reality.

More About Us as A Pizza Box Supplier - FAQs:

1. What types of products do you produce as a custom pizza boxes wholesaler and manufacturer?

We currently produce a wide range of products as a pizza box supplier. Some of the pizza boxes that we produce include:

  • Plain Pizza Boxes
  • Generic Pizza Boxes
  • Custom Printed Pizza Boxes
  • Laminated Metallized Pizza Boxes
  • Pizza Rounds and Liners

Apart from being a custom pizza boxes manufacturer, we also produce other boxes like fisheries boxes, agricultural boxes, food & beverages boxes, logistics & industrial boxes, as well as office boxes.

2. What is your pizza box manufacturer process?

As a custom pizza boxes wholesaler and manufacturer, our production involves a multi-step process which includes:

  • Getting the requirements from the client.
  • Creating a prototype of the box.
  • Selecting the material.
  • The selected material is die-cut to create individual parts of the pizza box.
  • The individual parts are then sent to printing to print branding messages.
  • After printing, the parts are scored. In this process, the parts are scored to make them foldable.
  • After the parts are folded into a pizza box, they are glued or stitched.
  • Next, pizza box manufacturer quality control checks are done.
  • After passing the quality control checks, the box is ready for distribution.

3. What materials are used by your pizza box supplier to make products?

Whether it is pizza box wholesale or customised solutions, our pizza boxes are generally made using corrugated or paperboard. Both these types of materials from our pizza box supplier are sturdy and durable, which make them perfect for packaging and transporting pizzas.

4. What are corrugated products from a pizza box manufacturer, and why are they better?

A popular type of product from our pizza box supplier, this is a type of packaging material consisting of three layers. There are two layers of flat line boards, and a single fluted sheet is sandwiched between the two flat line boards. This type of product from our pizza box supplier offers more protection than a typical box, which makes it perfect for delivering pizzas as well as other more fragile products.

5. How does your pizza box wholesaler and manufacturer print boxes?

As a pizza box manufacturer, we use different types of printing machines to print designs and logos on boxes according to exact client specifications. The two common methods of printing used by us as a custom pizza boxes wholesaler and manufacturer are flexography printing and digital printing.
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