Why Choose Corrugated Packaging

2022-10-17 09:22:00

Containers construct by corrugated packaging materials have ways of protecting products from any form of threat also with strength.

Cardboards boxes have two important parts which are fluted paper known as corrugating medium and facing which is also known as linerboard. Series of connecting arches are formed from the flutes in the corrugating medium. What can an arch do? A curvy arch is capable of supporting its own weight many times, most especially when the arch has an anchored end. They are anchored to a facing in corrugated packaging containers.

A vertical sheet of linerboard that is used as the facing is capable of supporting a weight more than itself if held in place. Softwoods are used to produce some linerboard; these softwoods are ones that have strongest paperboard and longest fibers. The fluted corrugating packing material assists it to maintain position, while the flutes get protected by the facing in order to avoid getting damaged.

The following are the important benefits of corrugated boxes:

Environmental Impact
Through a renewable resource, corrugated packaging supply are produced. In the year 2017, about 88.8% of corrugated containers got recovered in order to be recycled.

Corrugated containers are made in a way that it can stand any pressure, capable of being stacked, and designed to resist crush. They are damage-resistant and they can be customized for extra protection, suitable for food packaging, fruit packaging and seafood packaging etc…

Despite the fact that corrugated containers have strength, they are not bulky and for an easy movement, they can be broken down. On top of that, its surface is capable of being folded and can be cut into different shapes, its surface can also withstand printing coatings, treatments and adhesives and it can even become water resistant for many kinds of print packaging products.