Fisheries Boxes

We will be here to give a full assistance whether you are in need of service to fortify your existing branding or to create a new one. We cover your needs! After witnessing the needs for good quality and affordable corrugated packaging in the field commercial seafood industry, Million Top Paper had commenced. Our company has a favorable growth within the sector of seafood & fish packaging and other available food packaging. We are providing vast section of good quality packaging supply to all parts of the seafood industry. The paramount of our company's ethos are uniformity and product quality. Million Top Paper will fabricate whatever type of custom corrugated packaging cartons for seafood & fish packaging from small finger-style box to large wax-dipped carton, or whatever packing material you wish. We deliver corrugated in any classification or specification with different print packaging finish depending to the carton application. Whether it is high impact retail packaging, high gloss, or barrier coating, which is needed for wet environs, we can effectively do it all. Due to the stellar product packaging supply, you are rest assured that your goods are in well condition. Furthermore, our quality packaging is comprised with quality materials over the manufacturing process, so it can cope whatever the status of the goods you have. It is our pleasure to attend all your needs regardless of what it could be. Once it requires our excellent product, never hesitate to count on us. Please contact us today so we can discuss what you need, for we are very eager to extend a help to any of our customers.